About Us

(SCAM ALERT;  If you receive any written communications purporting to be from any member of Booth Dennehy LLP  that contain information contrary to the information in this website, please disregard it)

Booth Dennehy LLP provides a wide range of experience with partners called to the bar in the 60's, 70's and 80's. The firm presently consists of 11 lawyers supported by a highly competent and dedicated staff, which allows our firm to offer competitive rates to its clientele, yet maintain a friendly and intimate approach often unavailable in larger firms.

Since 1980, the firm has carried on the practice of law in its building at 387 Broadway in Winnipeg, Manitoba, immediately adjacent to the Law Courts,  Companies Branch and other government regulatory offices enhancing our ability to process and deal with all matters quickly and efficiently, offering our clients a level of service often unavailable through other law firms in Winnipeg.