Gregory J. Welch (1947-2018)


Greg Welch was a valued member and colleague at Booth Dennehy until his passing on March 19, 2018.  He received his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Manitoba in 1975 and was called to the Bar in Ontario that same year, practising in Thunder Bay before moving to Winnipeg and receiving his Manitoba call in 1983.  He joined Booth Dennehy in 2008, where he continued to practise family law and civil litigation in Manitoba and the Kenora, Ontario area.  He was highly regarded by other counsel, with a reputation for being a “straight shooter” whose word could be trusted.  Greg was a dedicated family man, and also had a passion for horses and hunting.

Greg’s practise in Manitoba and Ontario has been succeeded by Kerry L UnRuh of our firm.  If you were a previous client of Greg’s and are looking for assistance, please contact Kerry at (204)957-1717 or